Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pin-Striping --- Pacman

Beginning of June...

Got all of my sheetmetal done and ready for paint when I had to make a decision, get the pin-striping done with the tins off of the bike or on it?

Got a guy named Roadie here in Denver that has been striping for quite a while. So, I figured, what the hell, I'll have him do it.

Horrible decision on my part. This guy Roadie blows. If you know him, you can tell him I said it. He fucking sucks at pin-striping.

I was gonna wait until Born Free and have Pacman do it all, but I thought what the hell, how bad could this Roadie be? Well, I found out... really bad.

Got my sheetmetal back from my painter, who left this Roadie guy alone at his shop with detailed instructions of what I wanted done. This guy is either on way too many drugs, had his five year old nephew stripe it, or he's a horrible excuse for a pin-striper. Turns out, drugs would probably help this guy's striping ability, he striped it worse than a five year old, and no one should even consider him for a striping job.

Talk about completely fucking up something I had been working so hard at for months before that. The very last piece of the puzzle that needed to get done outside of Shamrock Fabrication and the guy completely screws my shit up. Worthless...

Fast forward to Born Free 3...

Got ahold of Pacman the week before heading out for L.A., filling him in on the story and sending him pics of the crap that was striped on my tins. We talked it over and Pacman said he would be happy to re-stripe it for me at the show. Pulled my bike out of the builder's circle, into the shade and out of the crowd for him to be more comfortable getting the job done.

Pacman knocked it out, no problem, exactly what I wanted. He's a talented guy and someone I'm happy to call a friend.

If you are in the Denver area and want some striping done, he'll be in town for Love Thy Chopper this weekend...

Thanks again Pacman, I'll see you this weekend in Denver...

Check him out at:

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