Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Love Thy Chop pics

Matt from DiCE Magazine with Rich, and funk in the background

Dennis Goodson hand-pounded this eagle - pretty amazing work of art

Mike D's chop - came up from Texas. Cool guy, cool style -

Speedmetal chop. This triumph got a lot of attention.

This girl just loooooves choppers. I thought she was gonna take her clothes off?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Thy Chopper - Last Saturday

Nice day for a Chop show this past saturday in Golden,CO. Got to know some new people from Texas and the Denver area, saw Pacman from the L.A. area, as well as checked out some really surprising bikes. I was taken back at how much talent was at the show, it was nice to see creations from all over coming for this event - Colorado,Arizona, and Texas - among others. Choppers aren't dead like some may say, it's getting better and better if you ask me. I get a lot of inspiration from what I'm seeing builders do each and every year(especially the smaller shops and some of the foreign builds). With so many people getting back onto bikes and riding them I hope to get some of you who aren't involved... involved. Saw a lot of Sporty's that people chopped up and changed around - it doesn't take a lot.

Best in show

Ken Conte's bike

Dennis Goodson's bike

Uhl's Studio

Texas Chop

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love Thy Chopper -

One of the best Chopper shows the Denver area has to offer. This saturday, June 26th, at David Uhl's studio in Golden, Colorado. Right off of I-70 on West Colfax. Great show at a great location and it benefits the boys and girls club. Bikes, art, beer, bands, and food - make sure to hit this event if you're in the area.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Born Free Show - Part 3

I can't explain how much fun I had on this entire trip out to L.A. for the Born Free Show. I keep thinking back, wishing it wouldn't have stopped. The event, the people I met and re-united with, and the landscapes I saw for the first time from behind my handlebars - it will never be erased from my memory. I only wish I could have shared in the ride with Rich and my dad, two guys I love riding with the most - but Sturgis is right around the corner.
The thought of knowing how many guys were packing up their choppers and heading cross-country for this event got my blood running. There's something about heading out on a trip like this and not knowing what you may run into. From start to finish, the party really never stopped, until 1 a.m. on Wednesday night, when I got back to the Denver area, freezing my ass off - it didn't help that I put on 700 miles the last day of the trip, but it was through some of the most beautiful areas this country has to offer(Northern Arizona, Southeastern Utah, and Western Colorado). Vail pass kicked my ass on the last leg of my trip, but I'd do it all over if I could, and I will....

Signal Hill po-po estimated that there were roughly 2,000 bikes at this event and over 5,000 people - at least that's what someone told me? Free admission and PBR really brings em in, not to mention a kick-ass Pan being raffled off.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Born Free Show - Part 2

More pics from the Born Free Trip - I filmed most of the trip as well - break-downs, beer drinkin, road-ridin, desert storms, and mayhem. So, be watching for some really good flicks/footage coming out later this summer/early fall.

Koski's bike from Sunrise Cycles. Like most of the Japanese builders out there today, I dig his whole style. He hooked me up huge. Ran into him and Johnny-surprise over at Bob's in Burbank during the Friday Cruise-night, had a crack in my exhaust and needed help getting it patched up. Ripped over to Koski's little shop, drank beer, and got me fixed up. Really cool guy and a rad little cycle shop....

The Kawakamis - great people, great photography. Can't wait to see them here in Denver in a couple weeks. Check Mark's stuff out at his Joyrides blog - http://www.joyridesartco.blogspot.com

Chris from Blue Collar Moto - this guy hits up more events than anyone in the So Cal area I think. He's everywhere, always snappin pictures. Check his blog out at http://www.newbluecollarmoto.blogspot.com. I especially like the mud wrestling pictures, fantastic.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crom laughs at your Four-Winds...

First off, understand one thing - I have been a pretty big Conan fan my entire life. So, if you think this is weird, I don't care - I think it's the shit....

Born Free Show - Part 1

Whole hell of a lot of people

I love a nice exhaust set up - pretty cool...

Kick-ass little sickle...
Check back soon for more pics....

Riding out to Born Free--2nd stop- Vegas

After camping out under the stars near the Colorado/Utah border the first night and being heckled by a Palisade Police Officer at 1 a.m., here's a pic from our second night's stop. Vegas, Speedway Blvd. Waiting for a friend to catch up and crash for the night. Beef jerky and Bud cans in plastic bags - I used an empty cheetos bag to conceal mine. Cheap rooms and a delightful dinner with Krissy Sue, our helpful waitress at The Hard Rock. A long night at the Double Down and then a late night encounter with Angie, a dirty hooker. The fun had only just begun.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

B-Keys Biker Flick

Saw The Black Keys play in Denver thursday night at The Fillmore - show was pretty unbelievable. Have had this one together for awhile, figured it was time to release it. Just got done with the finishing touches - crack a cold beer and enjoy, hopefully you'll want more of both after your done.... Also, check out their new cd "Brothers" - you won't be disappointed.