Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...

Look alive, the party hasn't even started yet...

Get ready 2011, more miles, more parties, more stories to tell - Here it comes...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

T-Rod's Speedway Bikes

During our trip to L.A. for Mooneyes and Chopfest, Irish Rich and I had the pleasure of staying with Rich's Sinner brother and friend to both of us, T-Rod, aka Rod Requejo. I say pleasure because we felt right at home with T-Rod, his girl Cathy, their two Chihuahuas, and two cats. Ate great food, drank fine bourbon, talked bikes, watched some Speedway Racing videos, and slept next to a blazing fire at night. Very cool people who invited us in and made us feel like family - hell, Rich is a part of his family(motorcycle speaking).

We also got the opportunity to stop into T-Rod's shop, Illusion Cycles in Westminster, where they have a lot of nice bikes going out the door to customers. He and his business partner, Rusty, let us hang out and shoot the shit while we waited for T-Rod to finish up for the day.

T-Rod has been Speedway Racing for the last few years out of Costa Mesa. There are three classes, basically beginner, intermediate, and advanced. He's moved up pretty quick from beginner to intermediate and has new projects in the works as I write this.

Here's some pics of T-Rod's Speedway bike. The thing is bad-ass if you ask me... I want one.

What's next for T-Rod? Sidecar racing. He's putting this together for the up-coming season

T-Rod's dogs. Jawa on the left, and Luca on the right. Vicious killers who, if given the chance, will eat your children...

Thanks again to T-Rod and Cathy...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California -

Los Angeles was a really good time. Mooneyes was quite the show for cars, vans, and trucks - but, I needed more bikes. So, David Mann Chopfest was a good kick in the ass for me to get motivated and help Rich out more while I get my work done on the side. It's amazing what a great bike show can do to your insides, amping you up on ideas and adrenaline for what's to come in the long cold months ahead. Chopfest was located right on the coast, an amazing spot for a nasty-good chop show in Ventura, CA.

I took a lot of photos, got to know quite a few people a lot better, hung out with two bitchin Chihuahuas, one fat cat, and two of the most generous hosts I've come across(thanks again to T-Rod and Kathy). We visited Illusion Cycles in Westminster, as well as the Steaming Clam, enjoyed the 80 degree California weather, and ran into almost everyone we expected to.

On our way home we made a stop in Phoenix to visit our friends Dougie and Greg(both from the Sturgis Crew), checked out a 49' Pan that was supposedly for sale, then headed to Cottonwood so Rich could spend most of Tuesday talking with Vyvyan Ross(Phil Ross' Widow - SuperMax Belt Drives).

Never hit too bad of weather, hell, we probably could've rode out, but it would've been one cold-ass trip...

Here's a little something to amuse you before I start posting all of the pictures from my weekend out in L.A. with Irish Rich -

There's thunder in my ears
It's blasting down the gears
Kickin' up brick
I don't give a shit
I got the wind in my hair
You know I don't even care
Stallions of the highway - - -

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Black Angels

Tomorrow night at the Bluebird Theatre down in Denver. A good kick-off before I leave for what's gonna be a damn fine weekend out in L.A.. Gonna need to take Wednesday to recover before the 1,000 mile trip out to So Cal. My hangovers are getting worse and worse - maybe it's the result of getting older, or perhaps Jameson is to blame.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Check Your Pulse

and your pants...

Fast action footage from the Lonestar River Run this past October in the Texas hill country, South of Austin. The riding down there is great and with this being LRR's first run, this event is something that could get bigger and bigger each year. Met a lot of cool guys on this trip and did my fair share of hell raisin'. It won't be long until I'm riding back down there again.

Hopefully, some of the guys I met are willing to come up to Colorado and do some Rocky Mountain riding this coming summer. I think we've got em' beat as far as roads and scenery, but, Austin is one bad city and the hill country is one of a kind - I could move there and feel right at home.

Luckenbach was definitely one of the highlights of my trip - I've never been anywhere like it.

The Guadalupe River, where we camped, is known to get crazy in the summer time - women, whiskey, and wild times. Also, Big Bend National Park is something I've had my eyes on. So, a return trip is almost certain to happen - sooner rather than later...

HellRaisin'TexasHillCountry from Steve Glennon on Vimeo.

Friday, December 3, 2010

50's in December

Gotta love 50+ degree days in the winter time. Tried starting the FXR up last week and she wouldn't fire. Put a new battery in it and took it for a roll yesterday - ripping around the front range and stopping at Rich's in the process. When it comes to Harleys, it's hard to beat an FXR in my opinion... There's just a few things that need to be changed on this machine before spring rolls around.

I love this bike more than most people love their children.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Week From Now...

Rich and I are hauling ass out to So Cal for these. Two events in the same weekend, what the West Coast is known for - event, after event, after event. God damn kick-ass overload. Guaranteed to be a good time, as our trips always are...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Texas Jeff's Chop

Sweet chop owned by my friend Jeff down in the Dallas area. Really cool guy and one bad bike that he brought up for the Love Thy Chopper show here in Denver this past June. With bikes like this, and more, LTC is getting better and better each year.

This bike was in one of the recent issues of Dice Magazine as well - I think issue 34?
Check it out -

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Pictures from the Cannonball Run stop this past September in Clovis, NM.

These guys were from Wisconsin Rapids, a city in Wisco next to my hometown. The guy on the right is Bill Rodencal, a Harley-Davidson Museum Motorcycle Restorer/Conservator - And who was sponsoring these guys?...

My hometown Brewery... I grew up about 8 blocks away from this Brewery, so I caused a lot of trouble tearing around this establishment/neighborhood on my bmx - not to mention how many Blue-Bullets(Point Special Lagers) I've put down throughout my lifetime.

Since their number was 33, Point Beer gave them 33 cases of Point Special for their trek across the USA.

Being so far from Wisconsin, it was good to see something from back home.