Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California -

Los Angeles was a really good time. Mooneyes was quite the show for cars, vans, and trucks - but, I needed more bikes. So, David Mann Chopfest was a good kick in the ass for me to get motivated and help Rich out more while I get my work done on the side. It's amazing what a great bike show can do to your insides, amping you up on ideas and adrenaline for what's to come in the long cold months ahead. Chopfest was located right on the coast, an amazing spot for a nasty-good chop show in Ventura, CA.

I took a lot of photos, got to know quite a few people a lot better, hung out with two bitchin Chihuahuas, one fat cat, and two of the most generous hosts I've come across(thanks again to T-Rod and Kathy). We visited Illusion Cycles in Westminster, as well as the Steaming Clam, enjoyed the 80 degree California weather, and ran into almost everyone we expected to.

On our way home we made a stop in Phoenix to visit our friends Dougie and Greg(both from the Sturgis Crew), checked out a 49' Pan that was supposedly for sale, then headed to Cottonwood so Rich could spend most of Tuesday talking with Vyvyan Ross(Phil Ross' Widow - SuperMax Belt Drives).

Never hit too bad of weather, hell, we probably could've rode out, but it would've been one cold-ass trip...

Here's a little something to amuse you before I start posting all of the pictures from my weekend out in L.A. with Irish Rich -

There's thunder in my ears
It's blasting down the gears
Kickin' up brick
I don't give a shit
I got the wind in my hair
You know I don't even care
Stallions of the highway - - -

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