Thursday, December 30, 2010

T-Rod's Speedway Bikes

During our trip to L.A. for Mooneyes and Chopfest, Irish Rich and I had the pleasure of staying with Rich's Sinner brother and friend to both of us, T-Rod, aka Rod Requejo. I say pleasure because we felt right at home with T-Rod, his girl Cathy, their two Chihuahuas, and two cats. Ate great food, drank fine bourbon, talked bikes, watched some Speedway Racing videos, and slept next to a blazing fire at night. Very cool people who invited us in and made us feel like family - hell, Rich is a part of his family(motorcycle speaking).

We also got the opportunity to stop into T-Rod's shop, Illusion Cycles in Westminster, where they have a lot of nice bikes going out the door to customers. He and his business partner, Rusty, let us hang out and shoot the shit while we waited for T-Rod to finish up for the day.

T-Rod has been Speedway Racing for the last few years out of Costa Mesa. There are three classes, basically beginner, intermediate, and advanced. He's moved up pretty quick from beginner to intermediate and has new projects in the works as I write this.

Here's some pics of T-Rod's Speedway bike. The thing is bad-ass if you ask me... I want one.

What's next for T-Rod? Sidecar racing. He's putting this together for the up-coming season

T-Rod's dogs. Jawa on the left, and Luca on the right. Vicious killers who, if given the chance, will eat your children...

Thanks again to T-Rod and Cathy...

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