Sunday, June 20, 2010

Born Free Show - Part 2

More pics from the Born Free Trip - I filmed most of the trip as well - break-downs, beer drinkin, road-ridin, desert storms, and mayhem. So, be watching for some really good flicks/footage coming out later this summer/early fall.

Koski's bike from Sunrise Cycles. Like most of the Japanese builders out there today, I dig his whole style. He hooked me up huge. Ran into him and Johnny-surprise over at Bob's in Burbank during the Friday Cruise-night, had a crack in my exhaust and needed help getting it patched up. Ripped over to Koski's little shop, drank beer, and got me fixed up. Really cool guy and a rad little cycle shop....

The Kawakamis - great people, great photography. Can't wait to see them here in Denver in a couple weeks. Check Mark's stuff out at his Joyrides blog - http://www.joyridesartco.blogspot.com

Chris from Blue Collar Moto - this guy hits up more events than anyone in the So Cal area I think. He's everywhere, always snappin pictures. Check his blog out at http://www.newbluecollarmoto.blogspot.com. I especially like the mud wrestling pictures, fantastic.

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