Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mile Higher Route Info

Just posted the map and route info on milehigherrun.blogspot.com

This is a view from above Rollinsville, Colorado. One of our stops...
Simply just a glimpse of what your rubber will be gripping along the way -


  1. Hey Steve:
    This is Wade from Flagstaff/Oklahoma. Sorry to make this inquiry when you are bound to be up to your ass in alligators but... Deb and I are coming to LTC and would like to make the ride on Sunday but we are currently in Okla and all the camping gear is in Flag. Having lived in Boulder and camped in the area you're talking, I know my kid's Harry Potter sleeping bag from WalMart is not going to cut it. Does the ride end near a place so we might forgo the camp out and be able to find a place to stay? Again, I know that dealing with these questions from individuals is a pain in the ass so,sorry and thanks, Wade

  2. Yeah, Boulder is only twenty-five minutes away from one of the junctions along the way. If you cut yourself off from the pack at Nederland, it's 18 miles to Boulder, where there's plenty of places to stay for Sunday night...
    Nederland will one of our last stops before stopping for the night.

  3. yep, know that road well. thanks.

  4. Boulder Canyon, my daily ride. Great stretch to have in your backyard...