Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Born Free Trip - Day 3

The Hard Rock Suite beds are so damn comfortable, we got out of Vegas late. Traffic in town was horrible and it was hot. Felt like it took us longer to get to the I-15 on-ramp from the hotel parking lot than it did to get to Primm once we were on the highway.

Damn it was hot. We made more stops than usual on our way into L.A. that day, making a stop at our spot on Minneola Rd., exit 198. Not because we wanted to , more because we had to it was so hot on the highway. This spot has historical meaning to Rich and I. Just a shitty little gas station in-between Baker and Barstow, some palm trees, and a couple run-down buildings... On our first ride out to L.A. together, this stop nearly saved our lives.

Traffic ran smooth the entire day, passing beemers, benzs, and bentleys heading West. Traffic heading East was backed up more than 20 miles as we got closer to Los Angeles. We kept riding and the traffic on the other side of the highway stood still, mile after mile. I feel bad enough for those people rolling along in cars as it is, what fun is that? Shit is boring - you might have A/C, but I can split lanes...

We got closer to the show area by early evening, hitting Cook's before heading to the campsite. It was good to get there before the sun went down. The bar was filling up and we saw some good friends right off the bat. Set up camp and headed back to the bar for a few. Seeing your friends at these types of events never gets old. If I could, I'd do it every weekend...

Passed out that night, no problem, getting ready for the day to come and Born Free 3 -

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