Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mile Higher Run 2011

This is a Run being put on to end a Chop filled weekend here in Denver next week. An added bonus for those of you making your way to Denver for the events and feel like riding. It's something that I hope will be incorporated into the Love Thy Chopper weekend for years to come, as well as help bring more people to the area/show.

Short notice, but better late than never.

The Run will be mainly Sunday the 17th, 250-300 miles of Mountain riding with a camp out in the Rockies that night. Along the 250-300 mile route, we'll hit Rocky Mountain National Park and ride along both sides of the Continental Divide - hitting some of the best roads and scenery Colorado has to offer. Bar/pit stops along the way, then camping out at night. The camping spot is still to be determined, but we've got a few to choose from that are off the beaten path, away from anyone who might try and ruin the party.

There's also a full moon during this time, so a night ride is something we've considered doing sometime during the weekend as well.

This is a Chopper Run, but all bikes are welcome - Just leave the H.O.G. Patches at home

For more detailed info, click on the Mile Higher Run image on the side-bar ---

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