Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Thy Chopper

This weekend was great, with people coming from all over to experience Denver's chopper/music scene - exactly what we need more of around here year-round.

Dice had a great party at the Rockbar on Friday night, LTC was in a perfect spot just minutes from downtown, and the ride yesterday was a good ending to the weekend.

For those of you who didn't make it, LTC was different than most events I've been to. The focus of the event was choppers, with some talented Art/Photgraphy as well, but the bands that played were also a big part of the day - making it a metal-fest once the sun went down.

It was hot as hell until the sun dipped behind the show building, giving the blocked-off street party some shade. Took a little while for people to start showing up, but had a good crowd when it was all said and done.

The stage area was pretty kick ass behind the show building, with beer stands, fire breathing trucks, and women everywhere. It blew my mind how many good-looking women were at LTC. More than usual for a chopper show, coming in groups - no guys with them, single women.

The bikes were out as well. Every year this event gets better, with different bikes each year, not the same rides every time. Talented shops came from all over, shipping/trailering bikes or riding in. Local talent made up a large part of the show bikes though, with Denver area builders giving people a taste of Rocky Mountain style.

One of the biggest pluses of the day's event, there were absolutely no cops. I didn't see one the whole time I was there, from 1p.m. until midnight. How many chopper events can you go to and say that. It was a very laid-back, enjoyable day, a big thanks to the Denver PD for not showing up.

Didn't shoot too many photos while I was there, but got the camera out for a little while, shooting these with my phone:

Black Irish Bombshell

The show building was tucked away in an industrial district, just a stones throw from Mile High Stadium and a few minutes from downtown Denver. The shop/show area was in an old warehouse with a shop up in the front of the building, a club-house bar/lounge in the backside of the building, and a large gravel lot out back. The building also served as a good burn out spot.

Fire-breathing Trucks turned into beer-stands

Rolling Thunder Semi stage

This event is worth your time, so stay tuned for event info for next year and plan a long weekend out to Denver for a party and some Mountain riding as well....

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