Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well Hell

Wouldn't be much of a road trip without something going wrong. Blasted across the state of Washington the other day, Thursday, only to get 60 miles west of Spokane and notice that my tank was moving around. Got on the horn and speed dialed Rich and we talked it over. Had a really small crack appearing on the front tank mount. Turns out, the rubber isolator grommets used in the front mounts had torn apart and the mounting brackets were laying right on top of the mounting bolt going through the backbone. So, I pulled the front mounting bolt, stuffed a shop rag in-between the backbone and tunnel, then taped/bungeed that sucker down. Made it to Coeur D Alene that night, reinforced the padding in the morning yesterday, then made it to Helena yesterday afternoon. Have some really good Sturgis friends who live here, have a shop, and know cars and bikes like the back of their hands. Got fixed up yesterday, then hit an outdoor music fest here in Helena last night. These are great friends and Helena is a great town. Happy to be so fortunate when I'm still 800 miles from home. Off tomorrow to Wyoming before getting back into Colorado on Monday...

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  1. Glad your trip is going so well. Last week on our run one of our riders kept having minor problems. Dropped his bike in a gravel parking lot tweaking the bars in the now torn rubber mounts and twisted the front fender. 200 hundred miles later his bike was puking oil from the kicker side. The gravel lot spill had cracked the case at the kicker shaft boss and grew as we rode. Not mattering much as we were all having a blast despite minor setbacks. A bad day on the road is still better than any good day at work.