Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Turns out, some dude shot photos of my bike at Born Free for Barnett's online deal... Barnett called Rich and he filled them in on the details, except the name - it's all good Rich, I never really told you about the name change.

So, this bike was named after a good friend of mine, Peter Friedrich, who passed away back in '07 when I started the original build. He smoked P-Funks and with PF being his initials, I named the chop, adding the Re-Born since Born Free was a factor in deciding to rebuild it.

Other factors were pretty strong motivators in making some changes as well...

After riding the hell out of this bike for the past two years, there's a lot I've had to think about and wanted to alter on the bike. Don't know what you really want to add or subtract from your bike? Take it on a long excursion and you'll find out, fast.

Not like it needed it, but I felt it was time....

I wanted more power, even better handling, and to make it more of a traveling machine than it already was. So, I had the heads shaved 62 thousandths, put a new cam, push-rods, and lifters in it as well as cleaning the engine out completely. I put a new race tech suspension kit in the front end and also fabbed up the gas tank and fender for removable gear-racks(protecting my paint and giving me more room to carry gear other than my back fender/sissy bar).

The auxiliary gas tank is something I had thought about since I first took this chop on a long trip. Something that Dick Allan would hopefully be proud of, since he's the influence behind building it. I got sick of having extra gas canisters taking up the majority of the packing space on my bike, I had seen other guys build similar oil tanks between their frame rails, and the way I ride this bike - it just made sense.

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I love this bike. There isn't a bike out there that I'd want on a long haul more than this chop. It's proven its durability, go ahead and dog on the Evo, this bike is bulletproof. I'm not trying to prove anything, I've dreamt of this lifestyle since I was four years old. Whether people take notice of the chop or not doesn't matter to me, this bike was built to be ridden. I am, on the other hand, making an indirect attempt at showing what you get as an end-product from Shamrock Fabrication. There's a lot to be said from the miles that this build has conquered.

I'd be lying if I said that people speaking highly of the bike didn't make me smile. It does, and most of the guys that have said it are guys I look up to. It's always nice getting compliments, but nothing is perfect, I'll take criticism as well.

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