Saturday, July 23, 2011

Born Free 3

The road to Cook's from the campground is a tunnel of trees, then from there to the show site it's a hilly, windy road. The entire time, you feel no where near the madness of Los Angeles. Very cool spot for the Born Free guys to have host this enormous event. With talk of this event happening or not next year, I hope it fuels this feeling for years to come, chances are I won't make it next year if it goes off the same weekend as this year's...but, depending on if they even have the event again, who knows.

Rich and I made our way over to the show and I pulled into the event, running into Grant as I pulled through the crowd. Since Rich's build wasn't ready in time, we put my chop in the builder's circle at the show.

The show was as big as expected with all of the sponsors on board, publicity the past 6 months, and success from last year's show. The Knuckle they raffled off was an amazing bike, to whoever won it - I hate you. But really, the guys who put this event on did a great job. It was a great reason to pack up the bike and head West for the weekend(or two weeks), which is what it's all about, riding.

Lots of good people coming together for a common interest. The more I go to these types of events, the more I get to see friends and make new ones - this industry(at least the custom side) is far different than most. It's what makes it such a great thing to be a part of. Competing businesses coming together, helping each other out, and enjoying time together. No cut-throat shit. Well, that's not to say you won't see it from time to time, but the people who pull that shit don't really matter much to those that take motorcycles seriously.

Didn't take to many pictures or shoot any video of the show. I felt I did a lot of that last year, which is why I tried enjoying it more this year. I made my rounds, shot the shit with a lot of people, relaxed, and had Pacman pin-stripe my bike... that's it. No crazy stories, just came to have a good time and get some work done on the chop to finish it off.

The Dice party that night was a hit, packing the crowd into Cook's for the after-party. The Dice guys always throw a good shin-dig, if you get a chance, hit one up.

Got back to the campsite and sparked up a fire for a few hours. Me, Rich, Mike D and the boys from Dallas, along with Stephen and his friends from the Denver area, drinking and doing our thing before passing out for the night.

The next day I was heading on a long trip up the Coast and through the NorthWest part of the country, didn't know what might lie ahead...

Builder's Circle Area

The Bike Show Area

I've never really been a huge fan of the stretched out, long chops, but Dave Polgreen's bike did it for me. This bike was wicked and is giving me the itch to build something with this style in the near future. From its stance, to the engraving, to the wheels, to the sissy bar, to the front end - this bike was one of my favorites.

Uhhhh, yeah...

Pulled my bike out of the Circle, into the shade for Pacman while he pin-striped it. He knocked it out.

Homeless style sign Rich made for my chop. With how dirty the bike was, it fit.

To the guys who put this event on, great job. I hope this event returns year after year...

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