Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eight Weight Class Titles-Manny

Landing 411 out of 713 power punches, Manny Pacquiao destroyed Antonio Margarito last night, using his face as a fun-bag for 12 long rounds. Pacquiao's SPEED was too much, pounding Margarito until his face looked, according to experts, as though it had been beaten with a club. Margarito hasn't been allowed to fight in the USA since Jan of 2009 due to him cheating against Shane Mosley - he had illegal knuckle pads in his gloves. Pacquiao, being 17 pounds lighter come fight-time and a good 6 inches shorter, eased off in the 12th because he thought the ref should have stopped the fight. Margarito took everything Manny threw at him though and lasted the full 12 rounds.

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao has won titles at 112, 122, 126, 130, 135, 140, 147, and now 154 pounds - unbelievable. Filipino Rebels stop killing each other when this guy steps in the ring - that's how huge he is in his home Country.

Growing up, boxing is a sport I vividly remember watching with my dad. My older brother and I would go at it on a regular basis, having gloves and head-gear growing up. Before we got ahold of gloves and head-gear, we only had a small pair of boxing gloves to use. So, we'd throw on football helmets, my brother would wear hockey gloves, and I'd have to wear the padded boxing gloves - I cherish every beating I got from him.

MMA is great and all, but I still enjoy Boxing over all other fighting sports. It's a sport that has fallen backwards in the past decade or so, but, this guy is electrifying and a fight against Mayweather Jr. would be one for the ages. I'd pay top-dollar to see it live.

High-light and paste this link to see highlights... Watching it makes me wanna go out and let loose on the bag hanging in my garage.


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