Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BornFreeShow - Event Video

Well, here it is, Born Free 2 footage...

This show was a huge deal for so many reasons - before, during, and after the event. The bikes, the atmosphere, the people(new and old faces), the trip out there, the experiences... pretty much everything. The Born Free 2 brought people out from all over the USA and beyond. Groups of people got together, packed their bikes and hit the road to attend what was building up to be one of the greatest shows in some time. Bikes were built - money, sweat, and hard work went into showing up with a new creation.

The Born Free 2 motivated people on so many levels - in terms of art, freedom, brotherhood, enjoying life, etc. It might sound funny, but there wasn't any other show this past summer that accomplished what this event did.

The people who put this on deserve a congratulations. Word is, planning for next year's show is already in full swing and the sponsors are pouring in. For some people, it may be a weekend event. For others, it'll be much more than that. Personally, it's gonna be a 2 week, 2 lane excursion out West and up the Coast for me and whoever may want to join. Irish Rich and I are already getting our hands dirty putting together ideas/parts for bikes that we're planning on bringing.

If you need a break from work/life, a roadtrip with the boys, or a reason to get out and enjoy your motorcycle - this is it. This event and the adventure out to L.A. is what it's all about. No trailers, no egos, no bullshit. Camping out, bikes, miles and miles of highway, endless PBR, and the time of your life.

I can't wait, my 2011 summer is already pretty much planned and it hasn't even snowed in Denver yet. My back still hurts from my last trip down to Austin, TX - but, this is the shit I live for.

Do yourself a favor - get to this event next summer. June 25th, 2011.

Hope to see you there and enjoy the video...

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