Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mustang Tank Mounting -

Before my long trip down to Austin, TX and back, I ordered a new 3.5 gallon mustang gas tank to mount up on my chop. Before this, I would strap 3 MSR 33oz. gas canisters to my sissy bar - either waiting to run out or pulling over if I knew I wasn't going to make it on certain stretches. On most stretches with my 2.2 mustang tank, I could make it roughly 75-85 miles. On my way out to L.A. for the Born Free 2, I made it 62 miles before I ran out around Beaver, UT. The wind was hitting me at about 40 mph from the front and I was hauling ass, both which killed my mpg. I love smaller tanks, they look great, but aren't too handy if you take big trips.

I didn't have to do much to this tank to get it set on my backbone, but here's the story anyway...


After cutting and smoothing off the original front mount, I made a set of mounting tabs to be welded into the tank's tunnel - cutting, drilling, and cleaning them.

Since the 3.5 has a similar back mount and the tank is the same length as my 2.2, to mount up the back I only had to open up the bolt-hole to fit a rubber grommet in it. After bolting up the back mount, I set the front up to the desired height - Rich and I usually use wooden pieces to space parts in situations like this.

I set the tank up a little higher on the backbone for both the look as well as to make the mounting tabs run flush with the bottom curve of the tank. It's more of the little details that I pick up from working with Rich.

I set the tabs up as needed and marked the inside of the tunnel.

After marking the placement of the tabs in the tunnel with the tank on the backbone, I took the tank off and placed the tabs up in the tunnel - using small magnets to hold them in place when I tacked them on.

I MIG welded the tabs on the inside of the tunnel, then Rich TIG welded the outside. After welding the tabs in place, I sanded the entire tank to rough it up before priming - using a scotch-brite pad on the inside of the tunnel.

Taped up the filler neck and bungs, then sprayed it down with primer a couple times - using a little too much in the process.

No muff too tough...

Placed some rubber padding in-between the mounts and backbone when I bolted it up. Hooked up the fuel lines and... done. Picture of the finished product before leaving for Texas.

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  1. Nice Steve..that will come in handy on your trip over for the chop class open house and S&S ride..glad to hear your going to make the trip. You got a place to crash no worries.