Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sundown Saloon

This is where I work and pretty much live most of the year. It has many names - the Sundown, the Scumdown, the Dirty Downer, the Downer, the list goes on and on... It's a smokey old pool hall with one of the best juke boxes in the Denver Metro area. Free pool, free darts, and a bomb-ass shuffle-board table. It's the type of joint that'll make most yuppies sick when they walk into the bathroom and you'll remember where you were the next day by the smell of your clothes(you can smell the Downer from a good 30 feet away from the entrance). If you like good bourbon, rare bomber beers, and $6 pitchers of PBR - this is your spot. Tons of kick-ass bourbons and we're the #1 seller of PBR in Colorado - #6 in the Nation. Our service is second to none, anywhere - we get it done. If you're ever in the Denver/Boulder area, stop in and check it out - get haggard.

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