Friday, August 6, 2010

The only two things in life that make it worth livin'

Is motorcycles that tune good and firm feelin' women...

So, I'm back from my first run to Sturgis, just for the weekend until I head back.

Sunday was my first night up there, I relaxed and took a late shower. Had a smoke outside the showers while I watched a thunderstorm roll just north of town. Had an orange moon out that night - felt good to be up there, have some silence, and smell the hills again. Hit Weimers for breakfast on Monday, got supplies, and some of the camp gear we store up there year-round. Did breakfast in Deadwood on tuesday, a storm rolled thru and ended up dumping rain, hail, and 60mph winds on the area - for 45 minutes. I've never experienced a hail storm so violent and long. Thought for sure it damaged the bikes, but the sheetmetal and paint held up. So much hail fell that they were shoveling piles of it from the sidewalks and the gutters were full - merry christmas. Took the day Wednesday to tear around on some of the back-roads, had them all to myself. All I can say is, I didn't see a single cop the whole time I was out on the road, and damn if I wasn't riding like it. For the most part, great weather - warm and sunny during the day and perfect, cool camping weather at night.

Made it back home from South Dakota in near record time yesterday, until I hit Cheyenne and a sheet of water falling from the sky. Shot some video as well as pictures - left my camera in my tent, so I'm posting pictures of hot girls.

Downtown Sturgis was dead but all the girls were around, getting to work, slingin drinks. It seems that every time I take a trip on my bike, I run into all kinds of females, most of which could and sometimes do get me in trouble. This week was no different and next week the trouble will continue.

There's a few things I love to indulge in - women, whiskey, motorcycles, and danger. Excess is best...

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