Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rolling Vegas - NightRide

Every year, Rich and I roll thru Vegas at night on our way to L.A. for the 4th of July Sinner Party. Even though it's 100 degrees at night - it's probably one of my favorite stops on the trip. Long days and the desert heat can wear the shit out of you, but Speedway Blvd. is always a place I love hitting up on our way before ripping thru town... This footage is old and the video is kind of thrown together, but it brings back good memories and makes me realize that a year without riding out to L.A. with my good friend is something I don't want to have happen again any time soon. It's a trip that brings many laughs and too many great moments to recall. Most bikers have an annual trip that they look forward to year after year, this is one of mine. Also, there's something about riding through a busy city on a motorcycle that gets my blood running, maybe it's the danger of it all.....?

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