Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sturgis 2010

I'm back.
Roughly 2,000+ miles in the past two weeks and I'm ready for more. Made my two trips up to South Dakota and back, hitting a total of about 10 minutes of rain while riding. Pretty much a perfect trip from start to finish. Great time, weather, and riding. Did some riding with my dad, Rich, and got out on my own when I needed it. Didn't get to ride as much as I would have liked this past week, but I hit up a lot of different show, events, and hung out with the old guys. Spearfish Canyon was a nightmare on Monday and I got my fix the week before the rally, so I did the whole downtown and partying deal during rally week.
Ran into Big Ben from Wisco along with his girl Dre and crew at The Spoke, as well as Kevin Bass, dude cracks my ass up. Stogie was out there snapping photos and I also ran into a guy named Cy, who I met at a gas station in the Mojave"fucking" Desert last summer. I was on the chop riding through with Rich on our way back to Denver from L.A. when we met, he was on his BSA heading back to Grand Junction, CO. We hung out for a while cooling off and getting to know each other for about an hour since it was 110 degrees out. I ran into him in Sturgis at The Horse chopper show at the Throttle last year, then again, twice this year... Small world.
If any of you happen to see Rich, ask him about Woody. Hilarious story - one I'll never forget. If you don't find it amusing, I guess you just had to be there.

Here's some photos of what went down. I took a lot, so more are on the way.....


Nemo, the week before the rally - I want to buy this place

Cheyenne Crossing - Edge of Spearfish Canyon

Rubber and smoke

Rich and Pops - Baker Party - The Spoke

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