Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goin Back

Heading back to South Dakota tomorrow. For the most part, the sun was shining and the wind was at my back during my first trip up there. Saw a few BIG storms in the distance riding up, but ended up dodging the few that were in Wyoming and South Dakota. I did hit a pretty big storm coming into Cheyenne on my way home, but nothing I couldn't wait out. Lost a couple screws while I was in Sturgis, a couple for my mirror and one for my points cover. All in all, the chop held up pretty well. Had to re-set my ignition, adjust my chain, and weld up my headlight bucket today at the shop - nothing too serious. This week is gonna rock. Meeting Rich in Buckhorn on Monday to ride in with him, hitting up Lichter's exhibit(which Rich and I were suppose to build bikes for - financially couldn't do it) as well as industry party on Tuesday night, and gonna try and make it to see The Swayback, Eagles of Death Metal, Wolfmother, and STP on Wednesday night at Glencoe. Gonna tear up the roads, do my fair-share of drinking, and tail-chasing if I feel the need in between all of that. Whatever happens, happens... Black clouds and wicked lightning are a biker's worst enemy, you see em, take cover or get the hell out of their path. Having a front fender and windshield always helps - unless you're riding a chop - guess I'm shit out of luck.

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