Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Up Nort

Cruised out of Colorado in the late afternoon Sunday with a storm on my tail, but I out-ran the son of a bitch and made it to Lincoln for the night.

Got on the road after check-out on Monday with clouds in the sky and made my way through Des Moines when the sky opened up. Made it to Cedar Rapids and hit 151 North towards Madison. There are parts of this highway where all around you, all you see is corn. As far as the eye can see, a sea of corn fields rolling up and down the horizon. Pulled into Madison after dark, got some food at Culver's(Double Butterburger Deluxe - so damn good) and rolled into my sister's place to crash for the next couple nights.

Finally got to meet my sister's fiance, just days before their wedding, and hit some breweries(Ale Asylum) wile we were out on the town. Great beer with even better alc. %.

Rode back to Stevens Point today, meeting my old man half way, getting some lunch and rolling back into town with him. Rode across the Wisconsin River, seeing some kids fishing down on the sand-bar, cooler full of beer I'm sure and a bucket of bait. Also rolled by a crop-duster flying low right next to the highway, shit you just don't see on most trips.

Nothing like being back in Wisconsin... Cheap food/beer($1 bottles), stiff drinks($3 for triples), bloody marys with beef sticks, lumberjack-style restaurants, and coming from elevation - the beer goes down like water. Ordered a round for me and the boys tonight, four drinks - $7. This weekend is gonna be a blur...

Let the good times begin-

The Pioneer Restaurant, Westfield, Wisconsin

Rusty's BackWater Saloon, Stevens Point, Wisconsin - best bloodys around and probably my favorite bar in central Wisconsin. You feel as though you should have just come from gutting a deer when you walk into this joint - with blood still on your hands and forearms.

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