Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oregon Coastline

June 29th
I got out of Crescent City later than expected, up the coast with somewhat clear skies... to begin with.

Construction seemed to slow me down every time I felt like I was getting away from traffic. Luckily, being on a bike, I rode the shoulder to get to the front of the line every time. The cars didn't seem to mind and there was an oversized load slowing everyone down at each construction stop. This semi stayed with me all morning. I'd get ahead of him, hit a cool spot to stop, and sure enough, he'd come trucking along past me. He was probably just as sick of seeing me tear by him as I was of him putting past every time I took a break.

I got to Meyers Creek Beach when I hit another construction zone. I stopped, walked around, took some photos, and got back on the bike before they let traffic roll through the zone. The ride was slow, but I was in no hurry. I figured if I could do the entire Oregon Coastline up to Washington, it would be a good day. Until I got about a mile up the road. Rain started falling. I was winding up and down the PCH, around the bends with cliffs just feet away and I couldn't see a damn thing out of my goggles. It got to the point where I thought I was gonna have to stop and wait it out or throw in the towel and call it a day. Stopped in Gold Beach to make a decision and check the weather ahead.

Like always, I said fuck it and kept rolling forward. The rain was off and on for the rest of the day, mostly on. All I have to say, Metzelers dominate the road in wet conditions.

Like the day before, the last fifty miles of my day was the most enjoyable. Twisty two-lane roads through farmland and tall hills, it felt like I was in SouthWestern Wisconsin. Passing was sort of sketchy, but made things a little more dangerous, in turn, more fun...

By the time I got to Tillamook, I was forced to get a motel due to how wet I was. Wet and hungry, I ordered some food from a chinese joint next to my motel and watched some tube before passing out. Wettest day of my trip and I was roadworn, I passed out easily.

Meyers Creek Beach - Pistol River State Park... weather started turning to shit

These pictures do these rocks no justice. In the pictures, you can see people standing down near them. These things were huge and all along the Coast, pretty cool.

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