Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Took off a week ago for Sturgis from Colorado with my brother benny and my friend Kurt, crazy motherfucker might as well be called my brother. Stopped roughly a half a mile away from a huge storm right before hitting Cheyenne. Kept creeping closer and closer until we came around the bend and saw wet pavement up ahead of us. Threw on some rain gear and noticed the storm was heading directly east, we were south of it. So, we sat on the side of I-25 and watched it roll by, for over an hour until it passed for good.

Heading up a backroad out of Guernsey, WY, rippin down this stretch as usual. On most occasions riding down this road you don't see many other people. My brother and I opened it up side by side, only to slam on the brakes before getting passed by a cop. We were still rolling pretty fast when he came by us, flipped his lights and pulled to the far shoulder of the road. Being new to riding, my buddy Kurt had fallen back just far enough to keep the cop from pulling a u-turn immediately. Don't know what the hell was going on, so we sped up once we were out of sight and he never came looking for us.

Heading east into Lusk, WY, storms were straight ahead. Luckily, they were past Lusk when we pulled into town and turned to head north. On our next stretch up to Newcastle the storms were off to our right for the 80 mile ride. Nice light show for a straight stretch of highway in the dark. A red moon to our left, deer everywhere, and lightening sparking up the storm clouds off to our right.

The hills welcomed us with darkness and patches of dense fog. Even the smell of the black hills makes me smile. Made it to the campsite late and passed out.

Heading back to Colorado tomorrow, barring any crazy weather that may or may not hit the area. Been device free all week, no reception and my phone likes to die quickly - its been great.

At Newcastle, right before entering the hills...

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