Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cali Coast - 2nd Stretch

June 27th
This day was gonna be the shortest of my entire trip, as I had it sort of planned. I was heading up to Novato from Big Sur to stay with our good friends Kirk and Lisa Taylor of Custom Design Studios. So, I took my time getting going in the morning, packed the bike up at my campsite, and rolled down the road to a restaurant called Ripplewood. Ate some good food, got a bunch of water in me, and drank about ten cups of coffee. By far, the best service I had all trip long.

The road leading out of the Campground

No parking, any time

Wired, I was out the door and up the coast. I made my way up past the lighthouses and cliffs towards San Fran hitting cool little towns like Carmel. Got to Half Moon Bay when the temperature started dropping, fast. Thick fog was coming in to the North so I cut inland on a really cool highway, 92. A two-laner that winds through the hills and trees before it hits highway 280. Headed up 280 into San Fran, onto 19th Ave., through the City. From the small part of San Fran that I got to see, it's one of the coolest cities I've been through. Really hilly and the whole time I felt like I was in a park, with trees everywhere. From 19th, I got onto highway 1 before going across the Golden Gate Bridge in the densest fog I've ever been through. I could hardly see ten feet in front of me.

Rolled across the bridge and the air cleared up. Got up to Kirk and Lisa's shortly after that, got cleaned up, and hung with them for the night. Kirk and Lisa are great people, if you ever get a chance to meet them, do it. Kirk is a very talented painter and the both of them are about as cool as it comes, so is their dog Duke. Ate some good food and watched a movie with them before calling it a night.

The next couple days called for rain, I was about to get wet...

Kirk and Lisa, with their bike "The Dirty Boot"

Check his work out at:

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