Friday, September 9, 2011


Well, had to bail on my trip further east for the gypsy run. A number of reasons kept me from pushing east, so I stuck in Wisconsin for a few more days and did some riding with my dad and friend Kurt, as well as some more drinking. Shit sucks, not being able to show up on the east coast after the built up anticipation these past few months. Oh well, what're ya gonna do, shit happens.

Headed up north of my hometown to visit a local shop we're friends with and get some things squared away on my dad's new Harley.

We call my dad's bike the cross-dresser, hell, even he does. It's a heritage with a bat-wing fairing and hard bags added onto it. He's got nothing to prove, he's put in his time back in the day, and now rides the geezer glide until the wheels fall off.

We rolled out to a local town called rosholt to hit a shop, see some friends and get out on the road. My dad wanted to ride the chop, so, I let him rip around on it for a bit. Here he is, pops... IronNuts, as they use to call him back in the day.

I was waiting for him to light it up, all the while, I was following on the cross-dresser...

The leaves are already starting to change up north, I miss riding up here in the fall... Mesmerizing.

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