Monday, September 12, 2011

Stanley Miller

Been hearing a lot of chatter about Stanley Miller, super cool old-timer who recently hit a deer on his '36 Knuckle. I met Stanley on the LoneStar River Run last October and the guy is about as biker as it gets.

My intake manifold was leaking on the run, screaming at me when I didn't have a set of ball-end allens to get to the bolts. When I got back to the campsite that night, Stanley ordered me to get my bike down by the lighted campsite, so I did. He went to work on it right away, I didn't say a thing. Sometimes it's better to shut up and let the old guys do their thing.

He leaned my bike up against his knees with a spotlight behind him and got it tightened up. It wasn't a crazy fix, or a hard one, but the guy wanted to help. It seemed like an addiction to wrenching.

With it tightened up, I hit an Auto Zone first thing the next day to make new gaskets and install them before heading across the State of Texas.

Like I said, he's the raw deal and I hope he gets better soon. Word is, he's coming along pretty well.

If anyone reading this happens to see him, send him my best, he'll remember from the LSRR -


  1. Stan's sister Nancy is in Rockford and willing to print e-mails as hard copies to take to Stan in the hospital. Here are the e-mails she sent regarding any messages. - Ed

    please don't send the email to me as a thread. Send them dirrectly to my email so it will be easy to print. Thanks N

    if y'all want to email me notes to stan I can print them up at the office center and take them to him for when he wakes up. Nothing has changed. He is healing and under sedation. I will need the emails by noon Wednesday so I will have time to print them up before mom and I leave Thursday. Our brother Charles will come here Thursday to be with him for the weekend.



  2. Sorry I didn't get this first comment posted earlier. If you get the chance, send something to Stan's sister Nancy by Wednesday morning via the email address in the first post comment. If not, Matt Olsen dropped me the address of the hospital he's staying at:

    Saint Anthony's Medical Center
    5666 E. State Street
    Rockford, IL 61108