Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, here I go. Off to Austin for the weekend for what's gonna be one rad chop-trip. Everyone I've talked to with knowledge of Texas has said that where I'm heading is the place to be. Austin and the Guadalupe River south of the city. All weekend party on the river with a bunch of gear-heads and no goods. Riding solo down there and meeting up with Mike D.(Cheap Thrills) from Arlington, along with some of his boys, before heading down into Austin on Friday. Riding back through Big Bend National Park on the Texas/Mexico border - place looks pretty amazing. 950 miles, one way - that's one long ride to not remember most of my weekend. The weather's supposedly great down there right now, 50's at night-drinking weather, 80's during the day-riding weather. We'll see how well these Texas boys throw a party - I can't wait.

Got a new Mustang 3.5 gallon tank to throw on the chop for this trip. Not that I didn't like the 2.2, but stopping every 75 miles on trips makes for a long ride, not to mention the idea of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Rich and I threw it on there and primed it to keep it from rusting. Didn't have to do much - new mounts, grinding, welding, drilling, sealing, and priming - but pics and story from that repair are coming...

All artist on this playlist are from Texas, figured I'd leave you with that while I'm on the road....

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