Sunday, October 3, 2010


Tonight at the Bluebird Theatre, ghetto spot, but the place is bad-ass. HoF is playing with Torche, Kylesa, and Kingdom of Magic. Their North American Tour is dubbed the Sanctioned Annihilation Tour and they're off to Europe after the Fall. I've seen HoF three times in the past year or so - they're metal at its best, pure and simple... Matt Pike is from Golden, CO so the band plays in the Denver area quite a bit. Great time if you enjoy head-banging and mosh-pits.

These pics are from the Bluebird's website - http://bluebirdtheater.net/ --- Really cool venue

Metal week for me. Riding the chop over to this show, then taking the party bus down to Red Rocks tomorrow night for Deftones, Mastedon, and Alice n Chains. Last hurrah of the season for Red Rock Shows - things always get out of hand when we take the bus to shows. Tomorrow night should get rowdy...

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