Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hill Country -

Saturday, October 16th, we rolled out of Luckenbach and tore around in the hill country for a few hours with my bike getting worse and worse. Squealing at me louder and louder as we sped around hilly and windy roads in what seemed to be the middle of no-where.

Everywhere we stopped, people would stop and stare. I ride alone, a lot, and it doesn't bother me one bit - I enjoy getting out on the bike by myself. But, words can't explain what it's like riding with a large pack of bikes. I can't explain the feeling I get, all I know is, I wanna tear up the roads when I'm with other bikers. I ripped from the back of the pack to the front a few times filming most of the ride that day - missing a few oncoming cars in the process. I couldn't hold back, I get the itch...

Charlie and I split off from the group because we hadn't eaten all day - it was about to get dark, that's the way these trips are most of the time. A lot of miles, excessive amounts of booze, a few women, and less meals. By the time it was dark, we were riding down a dirt back-road not knowing where we were headed. Finally found the campground and checked the bike over.

One of the old-timers came over and we were looking things over. My intake manifold was visibly loose, my gaskets were shot. Stanley, who was riding a 36' knuck, and I got ahold of a set of ball-end allen wrenches and tightened it up. My manifold gaskets still needed to be replaced - first thing, the following day.

Spent the rest of the night drinking and shooting the shit with all of the guys who were along for the ride. Too many names to remember, but a lot of new faces, which is always good.

Sunday, October 17th, I tried sleeping in - kind of hard with guys firing their bikes up and leaving early in the morning. Packed up and headed in to New Braunfels to the nearest Auto store. Found an Auto Zone, got my gasket materials and hit the hardware store afterwards for wrenches and razors. Spent the next hour or more cleaning surfaces, setting new material, cutting it out, and bolting it back up... the gasket material was too thick, wouldn't line up the bolt-holes. So, I had to start over with thinner material. In the end, it worked and the bike ran like a champ all of the way home.

Our day was kind of shot and time was a factor, so we didn't take off for the border and Big Bend National Park. That was a big reason for taking this trip, but was out of our way at this point. We headed back to Austin to stay at Erin's again and get some good food.

8:45p.m. and we're just laying around on Erin's deck when we find out that most BBQ places close at 9p.m. We got on the bikes and made it across Austin in record time to eat at a place called Stubb's. This is one bad-ass joint. Great food and atmosphere. I headed downstairs, where I found a bar and stage. I wish I would have had my cameras, this place was cooler than most spots that I've been to. Pretty well-known venue for live music in Austin - says a lot.

After eating a good meal and getting a few beers at Stubb's, we hit 2 more bars that night which were just as cool. A place called Clive's and another named Lustre Pearl(an old house that was built in 1859 - had a huge back yard with a taco stand and hoola hoops). When girls start hoola hooping, it's hard not to watch. Whether you're laughing or admiring, it's good entertainment. We got our fill of nachos and drunk girls and headed home - getting pulled over on the way, no ticket though.

We hung out with Erin on her deck for a while into the night talking about our weekend. The weather was great that night, so I slept outside on her futon. To me, sleeping out in the elements is always good on a long trip - except when it starts raining.

Monday, October 18th, we got on the road around 11 a.m. and headed straight west for New Mexico... 90MPH.

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