Friday, October 1, 2010

Mountain Rides

Cool, fall ride through the Canyons. There's a lot of twisties in the Mountains and the leaves are changing. Makes for a fun daily ride just minutes from my place. Plus, back-country saloons are scattered everywhere...

There's only one problem, cold weather is on the way. Some people like a change in seasons, I hate it. Been slowly hating winter more and more since I moved out of Wisconsin. I'll be itching all winter - waiting for a 45+ degree day in December or January to get the bike out. Once spring comes, I'll have my bike out balls to the wall trying to get it out of my system....

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Winter is Bullshit!

    The short time My wife had a job in Denver was awesome when I came home from Afghanistan for vacation. She flew out to Cali for her job and I rode out thru the front range in April Freezing my ever loving ass off until I got to the far end of Park County.