Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Well, Happy Holiday, the greatest day of the year is upon us, Superbowl Sunday. If you don't like football, I don't care. I don't understand how anyone can not love the game of football. Even though it's been getting softer and softer as of late, it's still the greatest professional sport in the world... as well as racing.

Outside family and friends - Motorcycles, my dog, and Green Bay Packer football are three things that I love more than just about anything. In the state of Wisconsin, there are certain things that are engrained in you growing up. Hunting, fishing, brats, cheese, beer, Harley Davidson, fried food, and Green Bay Packer Football. That's Wisconsin in a nutshell... and big girls.

Call me crazy, but there's no better professional organization than the Green Bay Packers. It's pretty hard to not like them, or at least respect their presence in the NFL, past and present. The team is owned by the people, not some rich asshole with more money than Jesus. The organization will never, and can never be moved from the city of Green Bay. The stadium(as well as my dog - yeah) is named after the great Curly Lambeau, not a Corporation like most other fields. The greatest trophy in the sport is named after our greatest coach, Vince Lombardi. And, there's no other team in the league with more history and influence than the Packers have had since August 11th, 1919 - not to mention with more Championships, 12(about to be 13). Well, maybe the Bears, but as we like to say in Wisconsin, the Bears still suck(no offense Chicago, it's a love-hate type of thing).

I'm about as big of a GB fan as it gets, but, obviously not as big as the guy who owns this bike... wow.

If you ever get a chance to go to a game at Lambeau Field, don't pass it up. Truly, it's a one of a kind experience. When it comes to football, Lambeau Field is a mecca for any NFL and tailgating experience. It's an all-day party, most of which you won't remember, but, that's what pictures are for.

No matter what, It'll be a great game.

Defense wins Championships and Clay Matthews is thirsty for blood - Benny better run fast.

Go Pack...

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  1. Nice! I've seen this bike, down in New Glarus WI...it was so obnoxious looking I had to take a picture of it. Can you believe I've been down on Lambeau? I was down on the field for a pre-season game this past year doing the flag thing. One of my buddies that was doing it with me was pulling grass and stuffing it in his pocket he is so in love with that place. I felt pretty lucky for sure...