Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodson Tri-Hauler Bike For Sale

Dennis Goodson, the talented craftsman and maker of the famous Goodson Air-Cleaners, built this custom tri-hauler a few years back and has it for sale now. A really unique bike for a guy/girl who is restricted to a wheelchair and still wants to enjoy riding a motorcycle.

Dennis is a stand up, cool guy, as well as a friend - so when he asked me to help him get this bike shot on video and out on YouTube for people to see, I said no problem.

If you or anyone you know could use this bike, get ahold of Dennis.

Feel free to copy and paste the video as well and/or spread the word about the bike's availability. It's a killer three-wheeler and now-a-days, with blogs and websites, information spreads fast. Anything helps...

Some more of Dennis Goodson's creations include:

Goodson Air Cleaner

Hand-hammered Eagle Sculpture Dennis made for David Uhl's Studio in Golden, Colorado. Stole these pictures from Irish Rich. Five-finger discount Rich!

Up-close shot of the Eagle. Amazing piece of work.

Knuckle that Dennis built. Again, for David Uhl.

Pic of Dennis and Uhl's knuckle outside of his shop here in Denver, Colorado.

These are only a few of his artistic pieces.

- Dennis Goodson, High-end metal art...


  1. Bad ass...loved it. Too bad I'm so broke I can't even pay attention. Nice stuff. I'm gonna' go and check him out.

  2. So much innovation went in that bike it seems. Looks very well thought out and done.