Friday, June 22, 2012

A Year Ago

Today, Rich and I were on the road to BF3. With three days of break-in, my chop was rolling cross-country on a trip I had been anticipating for a large part of my life. To L.A., up the coast, seeing friends(Kirk and Lisa Taylor)to Washington, over through Montana to see more friends in Helena, then back down to Colorado through the great state of Wyoming. Ten states in ten days...4,000 miles on a chop re-built, partially for Born Free, but mostly cuz it was time for a change. No trailer, just gear, extra gas, and tools to get me where I was headed. That's what events like Born Free are about, at least for those that get their bikes ready, pack their shit, tell their jobs adios, and leave the rest to chance. Nothing better than the open road on a chopper with no clue as to how or if you're eventually gonna get back home.

If your heading out to Born Free, good luck and godspeed. Get it on, get loaded, get arrested, get your kicks.... Forget the haters, fakers, and trailer queens.

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