Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's not always fun and games

Always something... Luckily, shit hit the fan at a good spot, with good people to help me out. Tried firing the bike to get out of the twin cities, heading northeast, and I had nothing. No sounds coming from the bike, no lights, nothing. But, I was at a friend's house with my tools, a fridge full of beer, Rich on speed dial, and Kevin Bass ten minutes away with a shop full of supplies I needed.

Wire from my positive battery terminal to my circuit breaker was torn in half under my transmission. Before noticing the wire issue, I got on the phone to Rich who helped talk me through it. Obviously, I get pretty pissed off when these things happen to me. Rich helps get me focused on the issue at hand, no matter what it is, and the dude is a genius. I explain the situation, whatever it may be, and he can diagnose it over the phone. Priceless for me on the road, solo. On top of that, Kevin Bass and I had a chance to meet up earlier in the week, so he was more than willing to help me out. Kevin came over with some wire and I got to work, cutting, stripping, butt-splicing, crimping, etc, while the two of us downed beer after beer.

Got the problem fixed and everything hooked back up and the battery was drained. So, Kevin got back on his knuck and road back to his chopper class shop to pick up a battery and tester. Got back, I threw it in the bike, and she fired right up.

3.5 hours of mostly waiting for needed parts and drinking beer, but I got it fixed and ripped 275 miles up to northern Wisconsin. Great weather and a full faced to gaurd me from millions of bugs on my way. Pulled up to a cabin filled with food, beer, a bon fire, great friends, and a bottle of bushmills to keep me company.

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