Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leading Up to BF3

Already posted this in the past, but thought those of you going to Born Free, or sitting at home wishing you were headed to BF4 would enjoy...

Footage from the months, days, and hours leading up to Born Free 3 last June. Did a full re-build of my chop for the show, which Irish Rich and I put in the builder's circle there. Rode that son of a bitch half way around the country on this trip. Having the heads shaved, a new cam, new lifters, and new pushrods put into the engine, I couldn't give it hell right off the bat. Finishing the bike on the 19th of June and having to leave town on the 22nd, I only had 3 days and 250 break-in miles on it before taking off for Cali. Once we hit the Utah border, I felt the time was right and opened that mother up.

If you got your bike ready, or built a bike, I hope you ride out. It's worth checking out and taking a chance at breaking down on the way, whether you make it to Cali or not. Those that ride to events like these will tell you that you don't know what you're missing... Hot as hell, horrible weather, break-downs at the most inopportune times, encounters with cops, crappy food, great roads, amazing scenery, and memories along the way that'll last for a lifetime. I would hate to look back and say "Why the hell didn't I ride out", which is why I always travel on my motorcycle. That's what motorcycles are about right?... Riding.

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