Thursday, March 1, 2012

Motorcycles Are Exactly That -

Whether they're American made or foreign, meant for speed or comfort, old or new, rusty or shiny... Whether you're in North America or half way around the world, rich or poor, an experienced rider or new to the "scene"... They're beautiful and have many effects on the person controlling it that cannot be bought or artificially implanted in your soul.

Someone once complained to me about all of the "new" people popping up in the motorcycle industry. Guys or girls who bought a denim vest with some patches or pins, some black jeans, and a broke-ass bike that doesn't run worth-a-shit and now call themselves bikers. Whether they're skaters, hipsters, affliction types, whatever. It doesn't matter what background you are from or how late you enter into this lifestyle. What matters is that you're passionate about it, that it isn't here today, gone tomorrow. If it's simply a fad for you, get the fuck out and find another trend to follow, you're not wanted. On the other hand, if you're in it for the long-haul and are dedicated to enjoying them, there's no reason for anyone to judge why you're in it or where you came from. All of the people involved know how it feels to get on a bike, if they complain about newbies, then what the hell did they get into it for? Gotta start somewhere.

I'm not trying to be all philosophical about two wheeled machines, I'm only explaining the truth. Hop in your car and take a drive, roll down the windows, or let the top down if you're in a convertible. Park your car and get on a motorcycle, taking the same route as before. If by the end of your ride you don't feel different, cover the bike up and put an ad out to sell it - you obviously have no blood running through your veins.

Their purpose is to wake people up to the elements around them, to feel what life has to offer other than just a mode of getting from point A to point B. The object is to fall in love with them, as well as the lifestyle they offer. It's breathtaking, it's unique, it's divine. Some people need drugs, power, or followers to get this feeling. All I need is lane-splitting at 100 mph, nothing can touch that.

If you don't agree with or like what I say, don't point the finger at me, blame my father - he's the reason I am who I am... as well as Irish Rich... Alright, blame me... I don't claim to know everything, but I love motorcycles and riding more than almost anything in the world. This shit matters to me, and it should matter to you too.

It's a lifestyle with a love-hate relationship involving breakdowns, blood, creativity, sweat, art, pain, filth, intelligence, speed, danger, adventure, camaraderie, fusion, science, math, experiences(both good and bad), and a lot of other factors that I can't think of right now.

It's one of the biggest reasons I work with and learn from Irish Rich. I'm not hyping the guy to make you think higher of him, think what you want. The dude lives, breathes, eats, and shits motorcycles, plain and simple. I can't fake it with him and I never intend on doing so. There's something to be said for 44 years of experience and dedication to motorcycles, and a whole hell of a lot of respect.

This video is very well put together, and says a lot about what motorcycles have to offer... anyone. It, along with any motorcycle related video, should inspire you to get out as much as possible if you own one - this being one of the main reasons I started filming my rides and throwing together videos to begin with, as amateur as they may be. It's a common feeling that runs through so many in this industry, a feeling that brings so many together in a way that feels as though it's a lot smaller than it actually is. When a large number of people are so closely knitted with what these machines offer, a huge industry can feel as though it is a small community.

Blitz Vost from Agence Hmm! on Vimeo.

Don't forget to ride your motorcycle, it's what it's meant for....
- amen

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  1. I can relate to the "love/hate" paragraph. Been MIA for a few months...looks like I have some catching up to do.

    This is a great piece of work. I think the same things. I find those folks who bitch about new riders are just fronting. I know this because I did the same shit decades ago. Just wanted to fit in because I didn't know jack...still don't

    Here is the other point a got out of all of this; If there are no new dudes/dudettes on the scene, then the whole bike deal doesn't evolve. No evolution, then no existance. I figure it's our jobs simply to inspire and speak the truth about what it is. It is a choice as well as an addiction

    Good stuff. I can grasp this. I don't eat, breath and shit bikes (even though I would love to) and have tried to leave the bike a few times...never been able to kick it though.