Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mike Parti Video -

- got this pic from mobtown cycle blog

I've had this footage for almost two years now. Its been put together, taken apart, lost, found, transferred, put back together and smoothed out as well as I could. This was my first trip shooting video, so it was rough putting it together, but I hope it does him justice.

July 2009
Through Frank Kaisler and Wes from Four Aces, Irish Rich and I were allowed into Mike Parti's life for one unforgettable afternoon...

Irish Rich and I started our day by riding over to Frank Kaisler's house. Most days out in Southern California either have us starting out at Frank's, or meeting him at a local diner for breakfast. It's great. The first time I hung out with the two of these guys, I told them I could sit and listen to the two of them talk for days. I consider myself pretty damn lucky to call these guys friends and get the chance to hang with them.

We met up with Frank and went for a ride over to Four Aces Cycle to get Wes. This was our first trip to Four Aces and my first time meeting Wes and the guys at the shop. So, we hung out for a little while, checking out the projects they had going on, then followed him over to Mike Parti's.

Once we got to Mike's, he had us sit with him in the backyard while he told us story after story. Then, he took us into his motorcycle room. Yes, room...filled. It was hard to believe you could fit that many bikes in one room. On the other hand, most of the models he had in there weren't much bigger than bicycles.

From there, he brought us into his shop, which had some of the most ancient equipment I had ever seen. Everything Mike owned had history to it.

An amazing experience.

Thanks again to Wes, Frank, and especially, Mike Parti...

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