Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey CJ -

Let the engraving begin...

Got a compressor yesterday and all of this came in the mail these last few days. Just a few more things I have to get before I'm set to start carving away at some metal. Have a hone on its way, picking up some opti-visors from harbor freight, and the vise I want is on back order - so, gonna have to make due with something else in the meantime.

CJ's class set me up with everything I needed:
-the techniques and tricks, as well as where to get the tools I was familiar with

If your interested in learning this art, check his classes out(his blog link is on this page) - might be just what you need to get going. It helped me out a ton...

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  1. Have at it! Looking to see what you can do so let the adventure begin. (That "Mocker" tune is killing me here...bwahahahahahah!)