Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hippy Killer Hoedown

Two years ago, Irish Rich and I took off for the first Hippie Killer HoeDown. Driving through the night, we got to Kutty's around 5am the day of the event. We parked the car out front, and passed out.

It was a wild day in Kutty's backyard filled with bikes, rods, beer, racing, and bands.

Tomorrow, Rich takes off for So Cal without me. As much as I'd love to go, I gotta make some money before I get my bike squared up and take off on trips the next 6 months. Rich will be kicking it in the California sun all weekend, if you see him, say hello.

This event is a good time with a lot of good people and it's gotten bigger each year(event is held at a different location now) - swing by this weekend if you're in So Cal.

Kutty's backyard

Back and to the right of this picture was the tent area, right next to an oval dirt-track. With 3 hours of sleep and a day filled with drinking, I passed out in my tent before most - with guys ripping around the track til late hours of the night. I remember thinking one of them was going to ride off of the track, right over my tent.

The WhiteWalls

Pretty sure the cops stopped by a few times that night?

You know you're doing a good job of having a party when the heat shows up...

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