Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Willie - Red Rocks

Rode the Chop up to Red Rocks Sunday night for Willie Nelson, Ryan Bingham, and Willie's son Lukas. Great show on a cool, mountain night. Red Rocks is amazing. If you've never been there and make it to the Denver area, hit this venue up. No venue I've ever been to compares to this place. I could go to the shittiest act at Red Rocks and still have a good time - the place is one of a kind...

The view from up-top, Denver in the background

Willie's son Lukas. I saw the both of them at Coachella over 3 years ago and his kid ripped the guitar then - he's even better now. Has more of a blues-rock style to him, but the kid is still country in a lot of ways that he plays

Willie took a little while getting going on the first song, Whiskey River, but he was pretty damn impressive the rest of the show. How a guy that old still gets down like that I don't know.. drugs I guess?

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  1. One night long ago, I got to see Pavement, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, and Primus at that fine venue...over looking the city, and the natural boundrys was spectacular.