Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Camping out under the stars our first night on the road, followed by a long night in Vegas - everything went well until we got closer to the coast...

This trip was trouble free from Denver until we got to Victorville, CA, where problems started occurring. Nick's voltage regulator took a crap, which was later fixed by Nick, Irish Rich, and Can't Stay Jose - and I noticed a crack in my exhaust just shortly down the road. Nick and Chris split off from Charlie and me just north of L.A., so Charlie and I headed over to Burbank to see if we could find someone who could help me out. Who you might ask?

Frank Kaisler...

I called Frank a couple times with no luck and kept in contact with Irish Rich, who was already in L.A. - wining and dining down in Newport Beach. Rich assured me that Mr. Kaisler was at Bob's Big Boy for their Friday Cruise Night, so I got directions from him and we headed that way.

When we got to Bob's, the first person I saw was Johnny Surprise. Now, for those of you who know Johnny - I don't really need to explain... This guy is a riot. Johnny greeted me and after finding out about the crack in my pipe, offered to let me come down to his buddy Koski's shop in Echo Park - Sunrise Cycles. I got a chance to talk to Frank, who offered to help as well, but we headed south to Koski's shop on our way to Long Beach for the night.

This Koski was a pretty kick-ass dude and I knew it from the moment we got on bikes and followed the guy through the busy L.A. streets. He tore off on a small, pink and silver evo chop in front of me and immediately I knew I liked this guy. Peeling out of traffic lights and ripping thru congested streets. We hit his shop and he helped get me fixed up. I bought the guy a 12 pack of Corona and he was cool with lending me a hand.

To Koski, Johnny, and the guys at the shop - thanks for everything.

The shop footage in this video is from the repair/beer drinkin at Sunrise Cycles - Tecate and Corona after a day of desert riding...

Check out Koski's work at:

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