Monday, September 27, 2010

Thunder Valley - Lakewood USA

Motocross of Nations event in West Denver, butted up against the foothills of the Rockies. Great track and a rad weekend of motorcycles, fine women, racing in the dirt, and rowdy good times. Rode the bike up on Saturday, getting some shots in. Got a ride up there Sunday and I took off for the races without grabbing my camera. Probably a good thing, broke my camera the last time I drank too much.

The US killed it. Ryan Dungey dominated - taking 1st in both the MX1+MX2, and the MX1+Open class. Trey Canard had a decent weekend, thought he would've done better. And finally, Andew Short was leading the MX2+Open class, got passed, then knocked off his bike by another rider when he was in 2nd. Fell back past 20th place and still took 13th. The way he was riding on Saturday, he probably would've came back and took 1st if that hadn't happened. He murdered everyone in the qualifying. He also took 2nd in the MX1+Open class behind Dungey.

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