Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sturgis storms -

In 4 days, i'll be heading out for Sturgis. My old man, our good friend Doug from Phoenix, and I are heading up early. Doug's riding his 47' knuckle, I'm on the Chop, and my dad is riding his Soft-tail. We'll take most of the day to get there, but the ride from Denver is amazing and we'll almost certainly run into a few obstacles. When I think of Sturgis, I automatically think of storms - big ones. No matter which way you come from, you're gonna go through weather that'll throw hail, lightning, heavy rain, and/or wind at you. It's what makes riding a motorcycle so miserably fun. It may suck when you're in it, but looking back, I loved going through every one of the storms I've hit on my bike. It's what makes it so memorable. If I didn't like it, I'd drive a cage - that's some funny shit.
- Speed up, change routes, or wait it out. Get ready for it, it's coming -


  1. Hey it was great seeing you and Rich this past week in Denver. I already want to come back. Have a good ride to Sturgis and be safe.

  2. Only wish we would've had more time Mark. Til next time. Can't wait to see all of the photos and articles you get out of your trip here. Always good to see you and I appreciate the opportunity to have you shoot my bike. Say hi to the family for me..... Rich and I will be in So Cal before you know it.