Sunday, July 18, 2010

DiCE Party - Des Moines Part 2

Rich and I tore out of Denver on Friday, the 14th of May, to get to Des Moines that night. We made it to Lincoln, NE and spent the night before we ran ourselves off of the road. Rich and I were both running on about 4 hours of sleep. We got to Des Moines the next day, Saturday, and headed for the party. Partied until after bar-time, slept for a few hours, then headed back to Colorado. Awesome trip - ripped cross-country with Rich and got to know a lot of good people along the way. Also, going back to the Midwest is something I always look forward to. There's a lot of good riding back there and it's where I was raised, so, I love it.
Kung Fu, reminded me of home - Wisconsin, as well as the bar I work at...dirty, good crowd, great music, cheap beer, and fast service.


A lot of nice bikes showed for this party, from all over...

Tom Fugle's Chop. Interesting guy, got some time to get to know him at last call. Wish I would have had more time, but it was great getting to meet him.

Denver Dan- genuine, cool guy

Got to the hotel in Des Moines and Rich was having a smoke outside when he noticed something on my exhaust. My pipe cracked up by the axle on the way into town. Didn't have time in Iowa to fix it up, so I ripped it off the next morning before heading back to the Mountains - fixing it with Irish Rich at the shop is another post I'll have coming...
Tacos... As many as you can eat.

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