Thursday, July 15, 2010

High Voltage -

Some ACDC for you. Always reminds me of Sturgis when I hear any of their songs, so I threw this vid together while I'm amping up for the trip 400 miles north to the mecca of riding and biker insanity. Say what you want about the Rally - It's not Laconia, it's not Daytona, it's not Laughlin - it's the Black Hills. In my opinion, it doesn't get much better than when you get on some of the back-roads and tear it up on your motorcycle. Shit's going down everywhere you look, but get to know the area and you can be absent from the crowd whenever you feel the need. I'm about as far from a bagger-ridin, cigar-smokin yuppie than anyone and I love Sturgis more than most people I know. So, if that's what you think it's all about - you're clueless as to what you're missing out on. Parties, races, concerts, hillclimbs, motorcycles(every type), women, rowdy bars, camping, events, and one of the best areas to let loose on a motorcycle(on or off-road). For me - two weeks of seeing good friends, riding, camping out, and gettin haggard....

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  1. dont you worry cuz its your turn tonight.....that album came out the year i was born and it fucking rules. i remember my parents throwing parties blasting back in black and harleys parked in the front yard and crazy fuckers with buck knifes and pbr falling down..........thanks for bringing that back too my memory, ill never forget that time in my life, its why im the person i am today.