Saturday, October 6, 2012


Thursday, September 6th, was my day to rest.

I slept in at the Trump, in their unfucking-believable bed. Got up, took my time getting going, then did some sight-seeing. The only attraction I hit while I was there was the 9/11 memorial. I figured it was the  week before the anniversary and nothing else intrigued me, so I walked down to check it out.

People everywhere, hordes and hordes of people walking, biking, driving, a never-ending stream of human beings. Nuts. Security to get into the memorial was worse than an airport check-point, sort of ridiculous.

Got back to the hotel, hopped on the bike, and cruised over to the Indian Larry Garage for the Gypsy Pre-Party in Brooklyn. A four mile ride, but it was Fashion Week in SoHo, so when I left the streets were filled with people attending this deal, which seemed to stretch for miles. People, mostly younger adults, all over in the streets. Red Light, they were crossing the street. Cars coming through, they were crossing the street. An alien space ship could've landed and these idiots would've kept on flooding the streets without notice. Good thing for loud motorcycles, cuz I just kept rolling through intersections revving my motor and these fools were jumping out of the way. Swerving through people and dodging the fucking taxis, almost getting clipped by a few on my way, but I made it. Over the Williamsburg Bridge and into Brooklyn for some free hot dogs and beer.

What interested me the most about NY was the architecture and bridges. Pretty gritty, historic, and cool... I dug the whole scene. Definitely a place I wanna hit again next year if possible - the Invitational is one event that I've always felt has had more of an appeal to me than any other. I love L.A., but the NY scene has got its own feel. It's dirtier, in a good way.

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  1. I guess aliens in the Big Apple wouldn't seem so out of place . . . battling N.Y cabs, wooooooo, scary shit I'd imagine.