Monday, October 1, 2012

Ol' Eagle Eye

Aka - Rich, caught this little gem on my bike last week. 

Walked out to my bike at the end of the day and said, "How's that chain running?" I said,"Great, hasn't worn or stretched much at all, better than any chain I've ever had." Then he said, "What's that?", pointing at one of the links. Riveted end of the chain pin busted, with the pin slowly making its way out of the back-side of the link...that would've been great going 90 down the freeway.

When it comes to reading text messages on his phone, he's damn near blind, but catching a small serious detail on a motorcycle, he's on it like stink on shit.


  1. Why I autta.....

    Don't make me get out of my KraftMatic bed, and smack you with my cane with the 3 little rubber feet on it.

    "But Master, you cannot see your text messages".
    "Ah Grasshopper...It is not why I cannot see my text messages, it is why you cannot see. Is it more important to read the words of foolish people, than it is to see, to save yourself from harm?".

    I dunno, I'm drinking a lot of NyQuil.

  2. The HurryCane? Last call ya lush, keep pounding em down. Get better...

  3. Seen it happen at 90...always good for a laugh, well, as long as it doesn't bind anywhere that is. Why I go belt now, and hope I don't piss anyone off enough to want to cut it while I'm inside the pub.