Sunday, September 9, 2012


With my delay in Des Moines, I had less than three days to get from Denver to NYC. Pulled into Jersey on Wednesday evening, checked mapquest, and wrote directions to downtown New York - pasting them on my gas tank... It helps to attempt this during the day. As I got closer, the sky got darker. Directions are pretty hard to read in the dark, with cars all around you. But, I made it. Shitty streets, people everywhere, and crazy ass taxi drivers. Almost got clipped a couple times, did a lot of lane splitting, and threw the middle finger more times than I can count. I did love NYC though, what a fucking zoo.

On my way back to Colorado now, slowly, through Wisco and Minnesota. The Gypsy Run ruled, Walter puts on one hell of a run. Also caught up with the Cannonball Run last night in Sandusky, Ohio. Those are for a different time and post...

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