Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day Lost - Hammer Down

Chop fixed, I got back on the road the day after Labor Day and headed East. With the remnants of Hurricane Isaac ahead of me, I stayed one step behind the wall of rain that moved towards the coast.

No plan but to get as far as possible, I-80 Eastbound I went. Across half of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and most of Ohio on a nice, 90+ degree day. Once I hit the east side of Indiana, the sun was going down and the bugs came out. Crossing into Ohio came the fog and constant construction zones. With the speed at which I was traveling, I should have been stopped multiple times by the po-lice. Out of the ordinary, I stopped two state-troopers at separate gas stops in Ohio to ask them questions instead of the other way around.

I needed a place to crash for the night. So, after crossing into Ohio and running into a copper at a gas stop, I figured I'd ask if the service plazas along the toll-road were allowable places for me to pass out for a couple hours? I wasn't gonna set up a tent, just pass out on the concrete next to my bike instead of getting off of the beaten path to find a reasonable place to camp or pay for a hotel. Time was short, needing to get from Des Moines to NYC in less than two days, so a few hours of sleep was all I needed. Well, that was highly frowned upon. Small-talk is the best talk with the boys in blue, so off I went again.

Pulling into Sandusky on fumes that night, I decided to call it a day. Over 600 miles and still a headache from my drinking binge two nights before, I was done.

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